Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Kuwait BJJ competing at Naga Germany!

tonight was the final training session for Kuwait Combat Athletics Athlete Hussain Khorsheed as he gets set to fly to Germany to compete for the North American Grappling Association, better known as NAGA.

Picking up BJJ in Utah while studying in the states, Huessain has only been training 8 months and I recently awarded him his blue belt while we were both training at Phuket Top Team in Phuket Thailand, making him the first Kuwaiti White Belt to be promoted to Blue under me.

I expect him to do well in Germany, despite the fact he’s been training largely on his own during the completion of Construction of Combat Athletics. We’ve been working a lot on his strategy, and tonight was his final training session. Special thanks to Abdellah for making it to training.

Lots of news to announce shortly with the opening of Combat Athletics, the best place for Nogi BJJ Brazilian Jou Jitsu training in Kuwait!