As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Ray Elbe has been giving the distinction of being called a Professor.

Having spent more then 10 years of his life dedicated to learning and spreading the ‘gentle art’ of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Elbe is able to promote students and recognize them for their dedication and commitment as they continue their individual discovery of the Martial Art.

Rank of Blue Belt

  • Trevor Cooper
  • Hussain Khorsheed
  • Jalal Marafie
  • Tariq Ismail
  • Kyle Atkinson
  • Mike Saint Claire
  • Khalid Davis
  • Claire Haigh
  • Jesper Freyschuss
  • James Mabey
  • Jamie ‘Milky’ Mackinnon
  • Jeremy Hassan
  • Brayden Summers
  • Chad Hamzeh
  • Ngoo Ditty
  • Andreas Hesselback
  • Mike Hutchison

Rank of Purple Belt

  • Yang Seung Ho (Tommy Yang)
  • Ole Laursen

Rank of Brown Belt

  • Wiktor Svensson