Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

What is the best martial art to learn for self defense?

Okay, so typically speaking there are 4 different reasons why people want to learn Martial Arts, and each reason really has a different philosophy in teaching, learning, and training.

Example, someone wanting to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for sport Jiu Jitsu is going to spend more time learning the intricate parts of the berimbolo setups, making sure they pay close attention to strategy and rules (how many of us have competing losing the match 2-0…or worse by an advantage?!) While someone wanting to learn BJJ for the opportunity to compete in MMA might not feel the need to train very often in the Gi Kimono, and if they are wanting to learn BJJ for self defense, the instructor might even focus some of the attention on the more ‘dirty’ tactics like defending the hair pull, or how to effectively utilize a headbutt striker from mount….and then obviously there is the guy who is training specifically for fitness, who really doesn’t care when he’s going to use the techniques as long as his six pack is back in time for summer, lol!

A good BJJ instructor is able to adapt their lessons so everyone is able to take away techniques applicable to their reason for learning, regardless of what it was that motivated them to enter into the Dojo.

As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt for over 5 years now teaching in Kuwait, and a fighter with professional MMA, Muay Thai bouts I am constantly asked what is the best martial art for learning self defense…I usually answer with what I feel would be the most effective martial art against a 1 on 1 attack with an untrained combatant, however I just saw the latest Ryan Hall interview published on BJJEE.Com and was really impressed with what he had to say, I think I’ll be borrowing parts of his interview the next time the question is asked for me.

For those of you who don’t know who Ryan Hall is, he is one of the best American BJJ Players and is currently transitioning into the sport of MMA very successfully.