Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Kuwait 9PM, Abu Dhabi 10PM #ALBATAL Final airing on #ForArabiaTV, this is the most controversial MMA fight in the history of Arabs MMA

In case you missed the Finale of the hit reality TV show Al Batal when it aired on Fox Movies–It will be replaying TONIGHT on FOX!

If you are in Kuwait the show will start at 9PM, while those in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can tune in at 10PM.  The Fox channel broadcasts throughout the Middle East and North Africa to a grand total of more than 40 million homes.

Tonights fight is EASILY the most controversial fight in Arabs MMA History as Muay Thai Champion Tariq Ismail faces Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Walid Seghir to determine who is the best 70 Kilo Arab fighter in the world.

Special thanks to Fox Arabia TV for promoting tonights broadcast, with a Facebook fan page following of over 17 million people, it was an honor that they made me their cover photo model, lol…