Monday, April 20th, 2015

Bwahahahah Abu Sharmouta trolls America on National TV!


Okay I don’t know a ton of words in Arabic–but just like most languages, somehow it seems you discover the bad words first…lol

I almost died this morning when I saw this posted on my FB feed by BJJ Black Belt Ahmed Zaki who is out in Dubai with team Nogueira.

Pay close attention to the kids name ‘ Abu Sharmouta”—Father of the Whores loosely translated, lol

In the video description, posted on Youtube on December 13th by “Reham Shobaki”, it is said that the Twitter handle of the young prankster is “@ThatPanCakeKid” and that he trolled the University of Houston (U of H) “by pretending to be a victim of a robbery”.–not sure how I feel about the lie to get on TV…but the trolling was hard in this video.