Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

The journey to a new barber…

anyone that really knows me, knows I support the local barber in whatever country I visit.

No matter where I go it always seems I find a barber to get a cut and a shave. Having spent a significant amount of time in Kuwait, I have been seeing the same guy for around a year, at the Salwa Co-op. He just recently went in a two month break to his home country of Turkey, turning me over as a client to the chair next to him.

My routine is usually is a cut and shave one week, followed by just a cut the following week.

I have only had one cut by the new barber, which I thought was “okay”–but not as good as my usual guy (call me partial)–last week when I went in for the shave, their side door was locked, and rather than open the door for me…they pointed their fingers for me to walk around to the main entrance to the mall. Looking into the glass of the usually unopened door, both barbers were sitting there without clients, smoking cigarettes!!!


With the temperatures already well into the 108-111, and the fact that the walk around to the main entrance was just as far as returning to my car–I elected for the later. 

After a brief message asking me why I didn’t walk around on Instagram, and without a response to my reply, I felt it was better to take my business to a new shop.

Today was my first visit to a local Lebanese barber in Salwa, and it was a nice change. The cut and shave was 6KD instead of the usual 5, and I gave him a KD tip, making the whole experience under 25$


Barbers are one of the few things in brand loyal to, however I kinda felt like the new chair at the old shop was taking me for granted by remaining in his seat to finish his smokes, instead of saving me the added walk in the heat and opening the door.

I’m sure I’ll stop back once I hear my old barber is back in Kuwait, however I am satisfied with the cut and shave, even bumping into an old Tiger Muay Thai alumni while I was there!