Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

When in Rome….errrrr I mean…#AbuDhabi

LOL, the old saying is “When in Rome do as the Roman’s do”—well, while in Abu Dhabi filming the 2nd season of the hit reality TV show Al Batal for Fox Movies, my team of coaches K1 Vet Ole Laursen and Muay Thai legend Ajarn KhunSuek took that advice to heart, picking up a dishdasha and Gutrah before one of the days of filming…lol.  The guys loved the reaction to us surprising them in traditional attire.

Kandura: Also known as thawb, thobe, or dishdasha, the Kandura is an ankle length, loose-fitting robe for men, usually white in colour. In winter, the Kandura is available in a splash of colours mostly in darker shades. The length of the robe represents the status of the person with the wealthy and royal seen in longer robes. Shorter length symbolizes modesty and is worn by the remaining Arabs.

Ghutrah: A typical headscarf worn by men, the ghutrah is also known by the name of keffiyeh/kufiya, or shemagh in other Arabic countries. Made from square cloth of cotton in chequered patterns, it is draped over the head in various styles. In dry climates, these scarves provide protection from blowing dust and harsh rays of the sun.