Thursday, September 24th, 2015

How to counter someone with an underhook when you have deep half

A couple of months back I was in San Diego and got an opportunity to stop into Jeff Glover’s place for a private with Rafael Justino Jackal as my training partner.

Looking to add to my half guard repertoire, I finally got a few of my problems solved from the deep half position.

One of the issues I have been having while playing deep half is that my opponent from the top position will apply heavy pressure once they have gotten the underhook, making it very difficult for me to mount any offense.

Here is a sneaky counter, to a D’arce set up, by the DEEP HALF man himself, ADCC veteran Jeff Glover.

Those of you who are traveling through San Diego can check out Glover at Victory MMA where he coaches alongside fellow american ADCC representative Dean Lister.