Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Guess who got a new #tattoo!

Okay, it’s just a small one—but I started to get the itch for a bit of new ink.  The Rock Academia in Colombo Brazil has a Tattoo artist training, who also happens to rent space at the gym for his shop.  Last week after teaching a BJJ lesson to the fighters program, Wesley Martins was cool enough to hook me up with a bit of fresh paint.

Looking for an interesting design, something specific to me—we decided on an outline of the globe done on my left foot/ankle area.  The tattoo only took about 15 minutes, but anyone with Ink on their feet knows—it stung a little, KKKKKK

Thank you again Wesley for the tattoo, and anyone in Colombo Brazil, he’s got my recommendation based on this simple outline work :)