Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

#fitness #supplements customer service review @Prosupps_llc #mma

A few weeks back I stopped into the local Hi Health and purchased a new pre workout drink. I don’t take these daily but do find the added energy needed when I’m doing two a days training.

Having tried most of the brands, NO explode, superpump 250, Bullnox, and probably every other similar drink known to man, I was suggested the MR Hyde pre workout made by @Prosupps_llc.

After only a couple weeks of using the product, it was noticeable that “clumping” from moisture was comprising the product.

Contacting Pro Supps on Twitter, they informed me that it is possible the supplement could have been compromised, and send me a replacement bottle of Mr Hyde.

This was my first experience with Pro Supps, I saw the sponsored the cage at Jake Shields last MMA World Series event, so I’m sure other readers of my blog are aware of their product line?

What other supplements do they make that you would recommend?

I’ll do a MR HYDE review once I’ve had a chance to try the replacement product for you readers.