Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Corruption in Brazil!



watching UFC Brazil from Brazil


Okay, last night was UFC RIO—Since I am in Brazil– I met up with my friend Mauricio Pontalti to go check out the event.  Prior to the fights I was joking with him about how one-sided the Brazil UFC events usually are—until the last one where EVERY UNDERDOG won their fights!

During the Leandro Silva Vs Drew Dober fight (Who won at UFC Phoenix)–Dober took Leandro down into half guard while Leandro controlled his head to limit the striking opportunities.  The referee Eduardo Herdy stopped the fight and gave the victory to Silva–leaving even the Brazilian crowd in boo’s.

Both myself and Mauricio are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts, and were wonder WTH did the referee just do?!  Dana White felt so bad about the incident that he gave Dober his win bonus, despite the fact Leandro Lo got the in cage celebration.

The first question you had to ask yourself was “DOES THIS REF KNOW ANY BJJ?!”…Come to find out he does.

*****There is a photo going around online that shows the Ref with “Leandro Buscape Silva”. Just like most people I  didn’t  bother to do a simple google search…however the fella on the pic is bb Leandro Henrique de Almeida….who Tiago Okamura cleverly pointed out doesn’t even look like Buscapé…UFC Fight Night 62 Ref with Leandro Lo

UFC Fight Night 62 Ref with Leandro Lo