Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Back to compete Nov 7th @IBJJF #NogiWorlds Long Beach California!


Glad things have worked out this year to give me the opportunity to compete at the Nogi Worlds going down Nov. 7th in Long Beach California.  Those of you who follow my career know that I have competed in the Nogi Worlds twice as a black belt.

In 2012 I won a Silver medal winning my first two matches by submission before facing Felipe Fogolin losing 2-0 2 advantages to none.  Felipe went on to win the division again in 2013.

2013 unfortunately I was unable to compete, the tournament is in California, and the timing just didn’t work.

2014 however I flew in specifically to compete, flying from Thailand after a training camp at Phuket Top Team to prepare for the competition. I felt good going into the tournament, however had a very tough matchup with my first draw.  I was paired against Paulo Jose Pinto “Paulinho” in my 1st fight, losing 2-0 to a very experienced competitor who was ranked #1 in the world for the division going into the final tournament of the season.  Paulinho went on to capture the Gold medal.

This year I have been fortunate enough to arrive in California early  to do my training camp with Total MMA Studios and masters Juliano Prado, and Adriano Nasal of BTT Orange County.  I feel good heading into the final week of signups, and will once again be blessed with the opportunity to compete at the 2015 IBJJF WORLD NOGI MUNDIALS for the 3rd time in my career as a Black Belt.

I am also proud to announce that I have been able to secure Diesel Diva as a sponsor to help me compete at this level of competition. A lifestyle brand created by Beverly Aisha Roach and promotes Unity and Peace through sports.  Joining fellow athletes such as former UFC Superstar Phil Baroni, One FC contender Adam Kayoom, and UFC Vet Will Chope on the sponsored list of athletes, I am appreciative of the support as it allows me to focus my energy on the competition.


2015 Nogi World Championship sponsorship packages still available to promote your brand!!

I still have a couple of remaining sponsorship options available to any companies, brands or friends looking to help support me as I prepare to chase my goal of becoming a BJJ World Champion, feel free to message me for details!–the event can will be broadcasted LIVE ONLINE around the world! Email: for sponsorship options