Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

And we’re off

okay, I know the blog has been neglected the past few weeks. Ramadan has started in Kuwait, and I’ve been very busy with private training, and adjusting to the change in schedule.

Kuwait has been relatively quiet, which is a good thing following the mosque bombing by ISIS a couple weeks back.

I was suppose to leave for UFC Fight Week last night, however a mistake on my ticket kept me from traveling. I’m back on the road today though, actually updating the blog from the phone in Doha Qatar.

I should be getting into Las Vegas tomorrow sometime, hopefully there will be no more delays. Suppose to compete at American Nationals for the IBJJF, although will se show I feel once I arrive.

My mom and dad will be meeting me in Vegas tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to a good break with friends/family.

Life lesson learned, never buy uninsured flight, and always double check departure times.