Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

3 tips to improve your mental strength before a fight or competition #like #share #RT

Pre-fight mind control techniques

Although physically working out every day will give you the power and endurance necessary to deliver the results, in terms of the psychological battles that we face in the ring, these efforts will mean nothing unless your mind is focused too.

This is because the element of fear will have a dramatic influence in the outcome of any fight. And so in order to make sure that your mind is up to the occasion the next time you face an opponent, check out these pre-fight mind control techniques.

An active brain



For many athletes, keeping the brain active and busy is an essential part of training. Learning new skills is a great way of stretching the grey matter, and these don’t even have to be tasks traditionally associated with the big fight.


Strategy games are a great way to help the brain gain important long-term strategy tactics, and companies like Lumosity have utilised teams of scientists to engineer specially-devised games that aid critical thinking.


From ancient games of chess to even the latest online casino games from sites like, there’s a huge tactical advantage to be had in learning to think ahead. The games offered at Spin Palace are particularly handy in this respect as few games other than poker provide such a good opportunity to explore the mental battleground between the opponent and yourself.


The power of music




Music has always been a powerful tool in battle. Even recently, there are many examples of music being used to mentally break opponents. But in the sporting arena, music can have a tremendous ability of giving us that extra lift when we need it.


The boxing star Manny Pacquiao recently revealed that he uses music to get the adrenaline going before a fight with archetypal boxing favourites such as ‘Eye of the Tiger’ making his pre-fight playlist. And there have been many studies that have illustrated how the beats-per-minute in each track of music can significantly affect our mood and the way in which we react to different scenarios.





Finally, although many may dispute it, simply relaxing before a fight can often be the best way to save energy and clear your mind. In particular, many oriental relaxation techniques such as meditation have been proven to aid combat in a variety of sporting arenas. Such techniques are able to be simply performed anywhere without the need for any extra equipment, and they can do the world of good when it comes to relieving the day’s stresses and allowing you to focus on the upcoming fight.